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Originally from Brooklyn NY, Mark Anthony's functional Art can be seen throughout the world, including New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Europe, Middle East and Asia and Australia. Growing up Mark always viewed the world from an artistic stance. Finding his "artist eye" at an early age he would find ways to create by either drawing, shooting with is mothers vintage nikon slr, repurposing or saving found objects (even if his mother considered it junk). Rearranging and designing his friends and family's living spaces (even if they were reluctant). Mark Anthony considers himself a lifelong artist. Studying at The Fashion institute of Technology. He fell in love with the myriads forms of Art. Interning with various successful Artist. Eschewing formal training for his pursuit of his own unique style. MarkAnthony has established himself as one of the foremost artist of this genre. His simple approach to the realities of life draw you in. Differentiating him  from his peers and giving his Art an

 "one of one"  and relatable quality.



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