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My name is MarkAnthony Love. I am a visual artist, who specializes in creating functional and expressionistic pieces that evoke emotion and create a sense of connection via the addition of but not all "bluetooth speakers, touch activated lighting, hidden storage, message boards just to name a few, always through the topic of love. My life experiences and my own struggles with love, has lead to the work I do now. We all know how important love is. But how many of us actively work towards it? How many of us know that "love is about action?"  


Most don't know of their purpose or reason for being but I believe I've found mine, the issues we all deal with as individuals and as an race all relates to our status of love, if you're not ok, how can you be your best in this world we're in? 


My work is inspired by my passion for art and the emotions it evokes. My goal is to spread love and positive energy through my artwork and to create a sense of connection between the viewer and the piece. I invite you to explore my art and discover for yourself how it can help bring out the best in you. As always remember that SELF LOVE IS THE BEST LOVE!!  


  • Speaking to our ancestors

      Group Exhibition New Rochelle,NY

  • Goddess

      Group Exhibition Houston,TX

  • Harlem Fine Arts 16

       Group Exhibition NEW YORK,NY


  • Black Artist in spotlight

      Group Exhibition NEW YORK,NY


  • Triangle Loft “Boys Don’t Cry 

       Group Exhibition NEW YORK,NY​

  • Kente Royal Gallery, "FIRE & SOUL" 100 years of Harlem


  • ART CRAWL HARLEM (group exhibition) HARLEM NY

  • One Art Space Gallery, "DECEMBERFEST" (group exhibition)  NYC 

  • Established Gallery, "DEAR SELF" (solo exhibition) BROOKLYN NY

  • The Dominici Collective, "Chop Shop Gallery" (Art Residency) HARLEM NY

  • Mister Rogers Gallery, "THE JUMP OFF" (group exhibition) BROOKLYN NY

  • Windows Studio Gallery, "THE PROCESS" (solo exhibition) BROOKLYN NY

  • Union Square Station, "MARKTHEARTISAN-SUBWAY SERIES" (solo exhibition)  NYC NY


Bachelors- Photography and related media 2008,  

Fashion Institute of Technology 

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